A speech for the beginning

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Persia is the most antiquity name that along history Iran was named, that means the land of Persia. This name refers to many thousands years oldness territory this country has.

Persia website getting started with the big and valuable prophecy, and that is Persia’s land identity was namely cultural heritage on the web width.
The cultural heritage of each countries trying to preserve through generations with unrepeatable and uniqueness. and this is our duties to familiar you with this heritage and trying to preserve this treasure.
The cultural heritage is the general concepts and if we want to explain it in specific ,we can refers to national monuments, customs, crafts, cultures and natural traces.
These all items are importants for one region or one country ,and displaying the history of that can be used in making a good and bright future for our countries. The histories that we have a lot in our countries ,but we don’t care of it or paying attention enough to it.
The cultural heritage , antiquities , and world civilization is mixing up with the name of Persia and our countries Iran. And now you can see and get familiar to these whole properties and past events as a history. On the Persia web sites, you’ll see Iranian handicrafts, and earthenware was made and presented by Iranians powerful hands.
The monuments of Iranian history that has been exhibited, was traced back thousands of years to the remains of Persepolis and dozen of others historical legacies.
The sights, tourist attractions, and landscapes in Iran has transformed this country into a Four-seasons area where you can experience a particular climate .
Indeed, the achievement’s of this websites aren’t only about Iran and, Iran’s history.
At the internationally section, we are trying to find out the monuments, landscapes and handicrafts of the rest of the world. And we also try to providing you with scientific and documentary information about the history and the monuments of these countries.
Persia’s entire efforts is to portray these ancient and historical places around the world, to provide you with comprehensive information about it. The wonderful and specific artifacts that reflect the culture and beliefs of the people of that time, which have been survived for years and now becomes tourist attractions.

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